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Snowmobile Trail Conditions Land O Lakes, WI Watersmeet, MI Bergland, MI Bruce Crossing, MI

Monday, February 4th, 2008

We started this ride from the Gateway Lodge in Land O Lakes, WI. After arriving at the lodge we unloaded the sleds and got gas. Then we took trail 3 north to Watersmeet, MI and then West on trail 2 to Rogers bar.

Both trails were in excellent condition and were freshly groomed. After eating a pizza at Rogers bar we headed West on trail 2 and hooked up with trail 13 North.

Once we reached the Root Cellar we hopped on the lake and rode to Bergland.

(sorry about the crooked camera angle!)

The lake was in good shape with a few snow drifts here and there. We gassed up again and then headed out of town on trail 8 East.

We ran trail 8 East to Bruce Crossing and then gassed up there again. Trail 8 was in good condition, but did seem to thin out the closer we got to Bruce Crossing. After getting gas in Bruce Crossing we took trail 3 South.

We got a soda at Da Floage Pub and Grub and then made our way South on trail 107 to trail 2 West. These trails were also in great shape! After we arrived in Watersmeet, we took trail 3 South back to Land O Lakes.

Overall Trail Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Distance: 135
Previous: 571
Season Total: 706

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Presque Isle, WI Marinesco, MI Watersmeet, MI Bergland, MI

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

This was our first ride of 2008. We took trail 6 East through Presque Isle and then headed north on trail 1 towards Marinesco. Trail 6 was in pretty good shape (7 out of 10). Plenty of snow, it was just beat up from the weekend warriors. After we hit trail 2 we headed East and stopped at Rogers bar. Trail 2 was in awesome shape (10 out of 10). It had tons of snow and was flat as a table top! We ate a couple pizzas at Rogers and then went back West on trail 2 and took trail 13 north. 13 was in fair to good shape (6 out of 10). The snow was a bit thinner the further north we went, and 13 was also beat up from the weekend traffic. After a quick stop at the root cellar with some friends, we headed back south down 13 and hooked up with trail 100. 100 was in pretty good shape (7 out of 10). The snow depth started to pick up the further west we went. The groomer was in the area, but the trail was already beat up pretty good from the traffic. We met back up with trail 1 and took that through Marinesco and back down towards Presque Isle. Unfortunately we had some camera problems today and weren’t able to get any new video today.

Overall Trail Rating: 7 out of 10
Distance: 114
Previous: 99
Season Total: 213

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Marinesco, MI Bergland, MI Wakefield, MI Presque Isle, WI

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Today was our first ride of the season, and it was a great one! We started off around 9am out of Winchester and took 6 East over to Presque Isle, Wisconsin. After filling up and getting trail stickers we headed north on trail 1. This trail was in the best shape I’ve seen in a long time! The area has plenty of snow (1 to 2 feet in most areas) which made the trails very smooth and flat, especially for early season riding. Normally this time of year you will find a lot of wet spots, creeks running through the trails, etc because everything hasn’t froze up yet. This wasn’t the case at all today. The first 40 miles we rode up to lake Gogebic were simply unreal! In the first 30 miles we might have seen 4 sleds. Later in the day we saw a bunch more, but nothing I would consider heavy traffic. We ate walleye breakfast at Fish Tales (formerly known as “The Fisherman”). It was excellent as usual! After breakfast we headed towards home and decided to take another route. After reaching Marenisco, we took trail 2 West to trail 11 South. I knew this would be a gamble since it’s so early in the season. Typically this stretch of trail 11 is pretty wet early in the season which means they can’t groom it until later on. That was the case today. It wasn’t the worst trail I’ve ever ridden, but compared to what we rode on this morning, it was pretty rough. LOL It’s all in perspective though. We bumped our way for 15-20 miles on that trail and once we reached the sno-bunnies trail system (Winchester and Presque Isle) things really smoothed out again.

Trail 6 East from Winchester Wisconsin to Presque Isle Wisconsin

Trail 1 North from Presque Isle Wisconsin to Marenisco Michigan

Trail 1 North from Presque Isle Wisconsin to Marenisco Michigan (Part 2)

Trail 11 South from Trail 2

Trail 11 South from Trail 2 (Part 2)

Overall Trail Rating: 8 out of 10
Distance: 99
Previous: 0
Season Total: 99