Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Presque Isle, WI Marinesco, MI Watersmeet, MI Bergland, MI

This was our first ride of 2008. We took trail 6 East through Presque Isle and then headed north on trail 1 towards Marinesco. Trail 6 was in pretty good shape (7 out of 10). Plenty of snow, it was just beat up from the weekend warriors. After we hit trail 2 we headed East and stopped at Rogers bar. Trail 2 was in awesome shape (10 out of 10). It had tons of snow and was flat as a table top! We ate a couple pizzas at Rogers and then went back West on trail 2 and took trail 13 north. 13 was in fair to good shape (6 out of 10). The snow was a bit thinner the further north we went, and 13 was also beat up from the weekend traffic. After a quick stop at the root cellar with some friends, we headed back south down 13 and hooked up with trail 100. 100 was in pretty good shape (7 out of 10). The snow depth started to pick up the further west we went. The groomer was in the area, but the trail was already beat up pretty good from the traffic. We met back up with trail 1 and took that through Marinesco and back down towards Presque Isle. Unfortunately we had some camera problems today and weren’t able to get any new video today.

Overall Trail Rating: 7 out of 10
Distance: 114
Previous: 99
Season Total: 213

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