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Snowmobile Trail Conditions Presque Isle, WI Boulder Junction, WI Manitowish Waters, WI

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Today was a pretty laid back ride. It was very cold out again this morning so we opted for a late start. Rather than running down the Michigan trails at higher speeds we decided to stay on the windy, hilly trails in Wisconsin. This helped with the cold temperatures and kept us from getting beat by the wind. We took trail 6 East to trail 15 South.

Both were in surprisingly good shape and had minimal traffic on them. We arrived in Boulder Junction and grabbed lunch at the Boulder Beer Bar. After lunch we took trail 2 West and then trail 6 East.

When we joined back up with Trail 6 East, it was beat up pretty good, mostly due to the traffic.

Overall Trail Rating: 8 out of 10
Distance: 60
Previous: 563
Season Total: 623

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Presque Isle, WI Watersmeet, MI Land O Lakes, WI

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

We started off today a little later than yesterday. It was brutally cold this morning so we waited a bit longer to leave. We stopped at Skyview for a great breakfast, then after a quick ride on trail 6 East and then trail 1 North we were on trail 2 East to Rogers Bar.

We ate a pizza and visited with the other customers in the bar. Then we headed across the Cisco Chain to Bents Camp. After a quick soda there, we went into Land O Lakes to top off. My buddy Cale was right behind me, then when I turned for gas and stopped at the pump he was gone. I realized he went straight, so I had to go catch him. It took a few miles to catch up, but I finally got his attention. We changed our plans and continued on to Watersmeet. After topping off, we hooked up with trail 2 West and headed for home. The further East you went from Bergland, the thinner the snow got. As we got closer to Bergland and Marenisco, there was a huge improvement.

A few things to note –
Marenisco now HAS gas! I saw it with my own eyes, the gas station is open again!
Silver City no longer has gas, and the mobil in White Pine is closed. You can get gas in White Pine at Konteka bowling alley though!

Overall Trail Rating: 9 out of 10
Distance: 120
Previous: 443
Season Total: 563

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Presque Isle, WI Marenisco, MI Bergland, MI Silver City, MI White Pine, MI

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

I took a ride with my buddy Cale today. We left the house at 9am and headed east on trail 6. It was much improved today over yesterday, they actually groomed it! After getting to Presque Isle, we got gas and then headed to the Outpost Cafe for breakfast. (as of today, the Presque Isle mini mart is out of trail stickers) Unfortunately for us the cafe is closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! We decided to head for Gogebic Lodge in search of a trail sticker. We arrived and had a soda while we waited for them to figure out their trail sticker printer. After 45 mins of waiting we headed up the lake to Fish tales pub n grub. We ate the always delicious walleye breakfast. After breakfast we rode the lake to Bergland and got gas. Then we took trail 8 West to trail 102 North.

All trails were in excellent shape up until we hit trail 11 north. I would give every trail at least a 9 and probably a 10. Once we were on trail 11 North, it got a bit choppy. We rolled into Silver City and stopped at foothills to warm up. If you stop there, make sure you don’t bring your helmet into the dining room because the helmet police (the waitress) will show up! We left there and headed down trail 1 back into Bergland. Trail 1 was a bit choppy also, probably a 7-8. If they’d run their groomers up there they would be in perfect shape like the other trails we rode on. We got gas at Bergland and then took the lake down to Gogebic Lodge. Then we took trail 1 into Presque Isle and trail 6 West. As usual, the Presque Isle trails were pretty beat.

Overall Trail Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Distance: 155
Previous: 288
Season Total: 443

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Presque Isle, WI Marenisco, MI Bergland, MI Wakefield, MI

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

We ended up taking yesterday off to get some chores done and take a sleigh ride in Eagle River. It felt great to get back on the sleds this morning and head north. Luckily we had an easier morning than 2 days ago when we had the fire! The major difference this morning over a few days ago was the temperature. It was -14 (with OUT) the wind chill! We rode 6 East to 1 North and stopped at the Gogebic Lodge. They had a breakfast buffet in there that looked pretty good, but we had already eaten. After warming up a bit we headed up the lake. That was one cold ride! When we got to Hoop N Holler my hands were ice so we stopped for a few minutes until I could feel them again 🙂 Then we cut over to Bergland and gassed up. We took trail 8 West out of town to trail 102 North. 102 was by far the best trail we rode this week. If you like to rack up the miles on your sled and avoid the bars, this is the trail for you! Make sure your sled is in good shape and your tank is full, because if you break down on this trail, there isn’t much out there!

This trail is like riding on a 4 lane highway that winds through the woods with tons and tons of snow! We hooked up with trail 11 and took that into Wakefield. It was in good shape on the road, but once we got into the woods, there were some wet spots and rocks. After passing the ski hills we got on trail 2 East back to Wakefield. Along the way, we passed the groomer and shortly after that we found a wallet in the middle of the trail. Money, credit cards and id’s were laying all over the place. We picked up what we could find and stopped at the gas station. By complete chance we talked to the attendant about finding the wallet and she said the guy that lost it was in there and left his number. We got the number and left him a voice mail. He ended up getting his wallet back the next day. After heading out of town we stopped at Bingos to grab a pizza. As always they had great hospitality there and took great care of us. We left there and headed for home. Once again, when we got near the state line, the WI trails were VERY beat up. That’s just a product of the traffic volume this time of year. Hopefully next week they’ll be able to clean up the Wisconsin trails and get them back into shape.

Overall Trail Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Distance: 153
Previous: 135
Season Total: 288