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Snowmobile Trail Conditions Land O Lakes, WI Watersmeet, MI Bergland, MI Bruce Crossing, MI Rockland, MI

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Today was the first day of our club trip. We headed North out of Land O Lakes WI up trail 3 to Watersmeet, MI.

The trail was in perfect condition, we couldn’t ask for anything better! We got on trail 2 East and then got back on 3 North. After we hit trail 107 we took that to Kenton. This trail was beat up a little bit, but still probably a 7. We arrived in Kenton and grabbed some food at U.P. Chucks. After lunch we took trail 8 West to Bergland and stopped at the Polaris dealer. One of the club members had some work done and then we got back on trail 8 East to trail 13 North. We arrived in Rockland and got food at Henrys Never Inn. Trail 13 was in great shape (it can get pretty beat sometimes). We left there and hooked up with trail 3 South.

After getting gas in Bruce Crossing we made our way towards Watersmeet. Trail 3 was in great shape also. For the entire day, we might have hit 15 miles of bumps, other than that the trails were unreal!

Overall Trail Rating: 10 out of 10
Distance: 174
Previous: 981
Season Total: 1,155

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Sayner, WI, Boulder Jct., WI Conover, WI Phelps, WI Star Lake, WI Land O Lakes, WI Watersmeet, MI

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Today we decided to head South and try out some of the Wisconsin trails. We headed West on trail 6 towards Boulder Junction and then went South.

These trails were in good shape, but the corners were a bit icy.

After arriving in Boulder Junction, we got gas and made our way towards Sayner. As we left Boulder Junction, the trails were pretty dirty and on the choppy side. There was TON of traffic in the area and that would explain the bumps. We ate a few pizzas for lunch at the Sayner pub and then went East across Plum lake.

That trail took us into Conover where we gassed up again. We continued East until we got to Phelps.

After riding through Phelps we headed for the Gateway Lodge in Land O Lakes. One of the sleds was having a bogie wheel problem so we dropped it off at the Lodge and went out on another ride. This ride took us down trail 6 West again to Bents Camp. We went across the Cisco Chain and then to Rogers bar. After a soda there, we got on trail 2 East to Watersmeet and then trail 3 South to Land O lakes. Overall the trails were in very good condition. I haven’t seen the Wisconsin trails this good in 4-5 seasons!

Overall Trail Rating: 9 out of 10
Distance: 165
Previous: 706
Season Total: 871

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Land O Lakes, WI Watersmeet, MI Bergland, MI Bruce Crossing, MI

Monday, February 4th, 2008

We started this ride from the Gateway Lodge in Land O Lakes, WI. After arriving at the lodge we unloaded the sleds and got gas. Then we took trail 3 north to Watersmeet, MI and then West on trail 2 to Rogers bar.

Both trails were in excellent condition and were freshly groomed. After eating a pizza at Rogers bar we headed West on trail 2 and hooked up with trail 13 North.

Once we reached the Root Cellar we hopped on the lake and rode to Bergland.

(sorry about the crooked camera angle!)

The lake was in good shape with a few snow drifts here and there. We gassed up again and then headed out of town on trail 8 East.

We ran trail 8 East to Bruce Crossing and then gassed up there again. Trail 8 was in good condition, but did seem to thin out the closer we got to Bruce Crossing. After getting gas in Bruce Crossing we took trail 3 South.

We got a soda at Da Floage Pub and Grub and then made our way South on trail 107 to trail 2 West. These trails were also in great shape! After we arrived in Watersmeet, we took trail 3 South back to Land O Lakes.

Overall Trail Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Distance: 135
Previous: 571
Season Total: 706

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Presque Isle, WI Land O Lakes, WI Watersmeet, MI Marinesco, MI

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Today we decided to make a run to Bent’s Camp for lunch. We started off on trail 6 East towards Presque Isle, WI. It was in pretty good shape, but the corners were still on the icy side.

After we got East of Presque Isle, trail 6 East was great! Plenty of snow and flat as can be. It stayed that way until we hit the Land O Lakes trail system. It seems like they scrape trail 6 East almost down to the pavement for automobile traffic. Needless to say, that isn’t very good on your sled. We arrived at Bent’s Camp and had a great lunch. After lunch we headed across the Cisco chain past the Cisco bar on trail 13 North. That trail was also in excellent shape. We arrived at Rogers bar and got our seats for the Packer game. Around 1/2 time we decided to head for home and we took trail 13 North to trail 2 West. Trail 2 was in great shape (as usual). The Watersmeet Michigan club does an outstanding job with their trail system. If you ever have the pleasure of riding their trails, you are one lucky person! Any how, we took trail 2 West to trail 1 South. Trail 1 was also in very good shape. We got gas in Presque Isle and then headed West on trail 6 to Winchester. Riding this weekend was almost a little erie. There was VERY little traffic on the trails and great riding. I bet we saw maybe 20 sleds all day.

Overall Trail Rating: 8 out of 10
Distance: 85
Previous: 369
Season Total: 454