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Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Presque Isle, WI Bergland, MI Rockland, MI South Range, MI Twin Lakes, MI Houghton, MI Copper Harbor, MI

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Today was quite a long trip. We left the house at 8am and didn’t make it back until 10pm. Our destination was Copper Harbor, MI. When we hit the trails, we were very happy to see them perfectly groomed! The entire way to Copper Harbor, I think we might have hit 2 bumps. It was just unreal! We rode trail 1 North to trail 13 East to trail 3 East and made fuel stops in Bergland, Twin Lakes, Houghton and Copper Harbor.

After arriving in Copper Harbor, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Mariner and then started our journey back. The first 20 miles on the way back were still in great shape. Once we got closer to Houghton, things started to get a bit choppy. We gassed up there and headed for Twin Lakes. The closer we got to Park View, the rougher the trails got. It was simply a product of lots of traffic in that area. After we got past Park View, everything seemed to smooth out again and it was smooth sailing. It was pretty cold out today, right around -10 and probably -20 to -30 with the wind chill. On the way back, we both got so cold, we made a stop at the Gogebic Lodge to warm up for a bit. Once we hit the trail again, we crossed paths with the groomer and rode perfect trails all the way back to the house!

Overall Trail Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Distance: 363
Previous: 1,165
Season Total: 1,528

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Presque Isle, WI Marinesco, MI

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Today was just a quick ride for lunch and then back to the house. The temp today was 40+ and it took a toll on the trails. Any spots with direct sunlight were burned down to the dirt which created a ton of “snirt” (snow/dirt) everywhere. We rode 6 East to trail 1 North to Marinesco and ate lunch at Bam Bam’s. Then we turned around and took the same route back. As the day went on the trails got sloppier and more bare. Hopefully it won’t get as warm tomorrow and we’ll get some snow later in the week!

Overall Trail Rating: 5 out of 10
Distance: 44
Previous: 213
Season Total: 257