Snowmobile Trail Conditions Presque Isle, WI Marenisco, MI Watersmeet, MI Land O Lakes, WI

My Dad arrived last night and we hit the trails early this morning. I wanted to try something different for breakfast so we headed East. We got gas in Presque Isle and then took trail 1 North to trail 2 East. Both trails were in perfect shape and we were the first sleds down trail 2 since they were groomed!

We took local trail 13 South and then crossed the Cisco chain. Trail 13 and the chain were also in excellent condition. The portages between the lakes were rough, but those are always that way. We rolled into Bents camp and then I remembered they only do lunch and dinner. Then we headed for Land O Lakes and got breakfast at the pine cone restaurant. Great food and service! After breakfast we left town on trail 3 North and got gas in Watersmeet. Trail 3 was also in very good shape. There were a few bumps from traffic, but nothing out of the ordinary. We left town on trail 2 East and then got on trail 107 North to Kenton.

After a short stop at UP Chucks for a bite to eat, we took trail 8 West and then trail 3 South to Watersmeet. On our way through town we saw a few snowmobile club members so we stopped to chat with them. Then we made our way down trail 3 South to Gateway Lodge and met up with all of the other Prairie Riders and had our club dinner. After dinner we took trail 6 West back to Presque Isle. 6 West was BY FAR the worst trail we rode the entire weekend! A large section is a paved road and they scrape it down very thin. Be sure that you go to the shoulder and get fresh snow under your machine or you will end up overheating it!

Overall Trail Rating: 8 out of 10
Distance: 190
Previous: 1,580
Season Total: 1,770

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