Snowmobile Trail Conditions Presque Isle, WI Bergland, MI Rockland, MI Twin Lakes, MI Houghton, MI South Range, MI Copper Harbor, MI

Today was our longest run of the year. We were out the door by 7 and on the trail shortly after. It was a bit colder than we expected so we made an early stop for breakfast and Fishtales Pub N Grub on Lake Gogebic. After breakfast we made our way up the lake then out of town on trail 8 to trail 13. We didn’t see another sled for the first 65 miles of our ride. The first traffic we saw was between Bergland and Rockland. All trails were in great shape and we were 2 of the first sleds on them since the groomer went through. We hooked up with trail 3 and rode that into Twin Lakes. After getting gas at BP and continuing east, the trails started to get very loose.

They had been groomed but the snow was very loose and made it more difficult to steer, other than that things were great. We rode across the bridge in Houghton and got to see the work of some idiots that give the rest of us snowmobilers a bad name. When you come through there, they have signs EVERYWHERE that say DO NOT ride on the ice. What did those morons do? They crossed the channel and dropped one of their sleds in! There were divers with air bags getting ready to go fetch their sled. Nice work idiots! I hope you got some good fines from the DNR and your sleds never start again! Anyways, back to our ride….. The closer we got to Copper Harbor the more ruts we saw in the trail, but that is to be expected that late in the day. We got lunch at the Tamarack Restaurant. The waitress rides her sled to work and is full of great information about the area. After lunch we gassed up and headed for home. On the way back the trails were more rough, and once we got past Twin Lakes things improved dramatically. I purchased a new tracking device that will show our route and I hope to have that online soon!

Overall Trail Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Distance: 380
Previous: 1,200
Season Total: 1,580

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