Snowmobile Trail Conditions Marenisco, MI Bergland, MI Winchester, WI, Wakefield, MI Silver City, MI White Pine, MI

Today was our longest ride of the week. We hooked up with trail 11 North and rode into Wakefield. We gassed up in town and then rode west on trail 2 towards the ski hills. We got breakfast at the Kinda Kountry Cafe. They had large portions and decent food. You’ll find it if you follow their signs. After breakfast we made our way through the ski hills and continued on trail 11 North. Once we passed the ski hills, this was by far the worst trail of the week. It was rough all the way until we reached the park road. I’m not sure if the groomer was broken or what, but it was ROUGH! Once we got on the park road, we cruised into Silver City and hardly felt a bump. We got lunch at Porky’s. They had good food and friendly wait staff (unlike the helmet police at Foothills). We left Silver City and took trail 1 South. This trail saw it’s fair share of traffic this weekend, so it was a bit chewed up, nothing unexpected for weekend conditions. Once we arrived in Bergland we gassed up at Mobile and headed for the lake. This trip across the lake was less eventful and actually kind of warm. The sun was out! We joined back up with trail 1 and took that to trail 2 West out of Marenisco. Then we got on trail 11 South to trail 6 East back home. Other than the rougher trails to the north, it was a great day of riding and capped off a fun week!

Overall Trail Rating: 9 out of 10
Distance: 185
Previous: 1,015
Season Total: 1,200

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