Snowmobile Trail Conditions Marenisco, MI Bergland, MI Winchester, WI, Wakefield, MI Silver City, MI White Pine, MI

Well, this is always a sad day for me. My last ride of the season! I’ll be busy during the month of March and unable to get any riding in. In my opinion early season and late season riding are by far the best. You get some very large snowfalls late in the season, and there is hardly any traffic. You pretty much have the trails to yourself and there is rarely a wait any place you stop. We decided to go against the grain today and start on the trails that are off the “beaten trail”. We took 6 West to 11 North and made our way into Wakefield.

Both trails were in excellent shape and we passed a groomer on trail 11. We got breakfast and then gassed up. It looked like the town was having an ice fishing derby and there were people everywhere (lots of fun!). We made our way past the ski hills and ran into our roughest section of trail for the day. Once we got past the rough spots we were on the park road and cruised into Silver City. We made our way through town and took trail 1 South to White Pine. This trail had some bumps in it also, but nothing too bad. We grabbed lunch at Konteka and then continued towards Bergland. Once we arrived in Bergland we gassed up again and headed down the East shore of Lake Gogebic to the Root Cellar. We got off the lake there and continued down trail 13 South to trail 2 East. Trail 13 was in surprisingly good shape and trail 2 was in great condition. We made a short stop at Rogers Bar and then hopped back on the sleds to Marenisco on trail 2 West. Then we stopped at Bambams in Marenisco for a pizza and a drink. After dinner we took trail 2 West (this part of trail 2 was a bit rough) and then we hooked up with trail 11 South. Trail 11 was still in great shape and made for a nice end to our long day.

Overall Trail Rating: 8 out of 10
Distance: 230
Previous: 1,770
Season Total: 2,000

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