Our Snowmobile Trip to Rockland, MI

We left the Porcupine Lodge in White Pine around 10am and hit trail 1 south to trail 12 East. Trail 1 was in decent shape with a few bare spots. This morning it really warmed up a lot and the trails started to show the effects of the heat. Trail 12 was in decent shape for early season riding, but did have the expected wet spots. We joined up with trail 101 south and ran that into trail 13. 101 was in excellent shape and was very smooth and had plenty of snow. Trail 13 was in decent shape, but had it’s occasional pot hole here and there. We made it into Rockland around 11am and grabbed some lunch at Henrys Never “Inn”. If you ever visit Henrys and you like mushroom burgers, you gotta try the half – a – heifer!

After lunch we took trail 3 south towards Bruce Crossing. This trail was in pretty bad shape and it could really use another foot of snow. There were the typical water holes, and there were also some down trees across the trail. If you decide to ride this trail, just make sure you use a lot of caution and take your time. One of our new riders fell off in a tricky section. Once we made our way to trail 8 and headed East to Bruce Crossing, it was smooth sailing. The railroad grade was flat and smooth. The only bad thing about trail 8 was the heat and sun took it’s tole. It was about 20-30% bare in any spot that had direct sunlight. Other than that it was a great ride! After getting gas in Bruce Crossing we made our way West on trail 8 to Bergland where we hooked up with trail 1 to White Pine and then called it a day.

Distance: 85
Previous: 87
Season Total: 172

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