Snowmobile Selling Tips


Follow these simple steps to quickly and easily sell your snowmobile!

1. List the factory information:
  • year
  • make
  • model
  • engine size
2. List the aftermarket add ons, examples:
  • Pipe
  • Clutched
  • Tripple Carbides
  • Studs
3. List any extras that are included in the purchase:
  • cover
  • trailer
  • clothing
  • helmets
4. It helps to use powerful descriptive words in your ad such as:
  • One Owner
  • Mint Condition
  • Fully Loaded
  • Garage Kept
5. Make your ad stand out with the use of digital media:
  • Videos - If you really want to give the buyer a picture of how your snowmobile looks and runs use your smart phone to take a video of it.
    You can share it directly to from your phone and then add it to your ad. You can watch a tutorial how to do that here!
  • Photos - At the very least we recommend using photos of your snowmobile. It is easy to upload them to your ad.
6. Take advantage of our cell phone text alerts. Each time a buyer contacts you about your ad, our website can text your cell phone with an alert message
to let you know a buyer is interested.

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