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  550 SuperSport/440 Indy Touring
  I had a little mishap with the 440 Touring. Sled had some running issues, and we struggled to get it running right. Anyway, there was a crash, and all I am left with is a pile of parts. The 550SS is torn down, and the parts that were taken from it were put into the Indy Touring. Here is what goes. 1997 550 fan motor, overhauled with new pistons and bored, carbs fresh, jets new, new springs/ramps on primary and secondary clutches. Indy Touring has a new, aftermarket seat cover, which seen a little damage in the wreck, but no damage one the main cover(all underneath). The Touring has reverse, but is missing the control lever. This unit has the fresh 550 fan motor. Only ran about a half hour after new. We really know how to wreck them! The 550SS is a pile of parts, much taken from the 440 Indy. There are pieces/parts from the 440 fan-cooled engine with a burned piston, carbs, small primary and secondary, Xtra 10 Suspension, and a complete front end. Tracks on both are in 50% shape. The front end on the Touring is destroyed on the LF, but the RF struts and control rods are ok. for more pictures. I can send what you need. I just don''t have time to part out. All of it needs to go to one home.
Add Created On: December 21, 2011
Price: $900.00
Location: DECORAH, IA 52101
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