2000 yamaha sxr 500 super clean great runner Hampshire Illinois


FOR SALE: 2000 Yamaha SXR 500 Super Clean Great Runner

Anyone looking for a super nice clean 2000 SXR500? A bit over 5K on the speedo. Perfect seat, beautiful track and studs. New carbides. My step-son has run it the past two years. Amazing fast.... stay even with an ACE900 Ski Doo or many 600's on the lake. Handles like a race car. Step Son gets good grades and a graduation present will be a newer snowmobile. $1250 or email: toizrit@comcast.net

Add Created On: September 30, 2018
Price: $1200.00
Location: Hampshire, IL 60140
Name: Jon
Phone: (in registered members area) It's 100% FREE!

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