Snowmobile Trail Conditions Presque Isle, WI Marenisco, MI Watersmeet, MI Land O Lakes, WI

We rolled out today around 10am. My buddy flew in last night from Cleveland and was ready to hit the trails! We took trail 6 East and stopped at Skyview for breakfast. They have great food, but in the morning they seem to be short on staff, so plan on spending at least 1 hour in there from when you arrive until you leave. After breakfast we hooked up with trail 1 North and then took trail 2 East. All of these trails were in great shape and plenty of snow! As we got further east on trail 2, it was pretty obvious that they had less snow in that area. We started to see a few rocks in the trail, etc. They had plenty of snow to ride, just not as much as they got to the West. After arriving in Watersmeet we gassed up and headed down trail 3 into Land O Lakes. The conditions were the same as on trail 2, smooth, but a little less snow. We took trail 6 West out of Land O Lakes and stopped at Bents Camp for lunch. They have EXCELLENT food there and a great view too! After lunch we headed across the Cisco Chain and got on local trail 13 north. This trail was in fantastic shape and took us to trail 2 West. Trail 2 was a bit chewed up from the traffic but got better as we got closer to Marensico. We got gas in Marensico and then took trail 2 West out of town. The gas station just reopened, but did not take credit cards yet, cash only! This portion of trail 2 was also pretty chewed up, that lasted until we hit trail 11 South. Once on trail 11 it was smooth sailing all the way to the Wisconsin state line, then we hit the bumps again. We rode trail 11 South to trail 6 East back to Birch Lake.

Overall Trail Rating: 8 out of 10
Distance: 140
Previous: 755
Season Total: 895

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