Snowmobile Trail Conditions Presque Isle, WI Marenisco, MI Bergland, MI Wakefield, MI Winchester, WI

Today was a pretty fun ride. I had the chance to take an old school snowmobiler and show him the latest and greatest sleds. He lives in the area, but rides a 70’s ski-doo. I put him on the 1996 ski-doo mxz 670. We started out the day on trail 6 East into Presque Isle to gas up. After getting gas we took trail 1 North to trail 2 East.

All of these trails were in great shape, with a few icy corners. We then hit trail 13 North and it was in PERFECT shape! It probably helped that we were the first sleds on the groomed trail and it stayed that way for 15+ miles until we crossed paths with the groomer. Even after we passed the groomer, the trail was still in good shape. We arrived at the Root Cellar to have lunch. My buddy couldn’t believe how much better the mxz rode than his 1970’s model. After lunch we hopped on lake Gogebic and headed for Bergland to gas up. On the way there, I had my buddy ride the 2005 mxz renegade 800. After we got to the gas station, he was raving about how much better that machine was. We then headed out of town on trail 8 towards Wakefield.

Along the way, I had my buddy ride the 2009 mxz renegade. I think he died and went to heaven LOL. We met up with trail 2 and took that back towards Marenisco. Both trail 8 and trail 2 were in very good shape for mid day riding. Normally these trails see a lot of traffic and can get bumpy quick!
We then took trail 11 South and trail 6 East. If you like to get “off the beaten path” be sure to check out trail 11. There are no bars, gas stations, resorts, etc out there, but you will experience some of the best riding in the north woods. Smooth wide trails that run through some very beautiful scenery.

We made it back home before 5pm and the guys couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had.

Overall Trail Rating: 9 out of 10
Distance: 132
Previous: 623
Season Total: 755

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