Guys Weekend Day 2

My buddies were a little sore from the riding yesterday, so I decided to make it a little easier on them today. We headed out of Wisconsin and took trail 1 north to Michigan. Then we got on trail 2 and headed East. For those of you not familiar with trail 2, it is an old rail road grade and is typically very straight, long and flat (if it has been groomed). Luckily for my buddies it was fairly smooth and we were able to make some pretty good time. While riding trail 2, one of my buddies helmet shields lost a screw so that made for a very cold ride! We decided to stop in to Rogers bar to warm up and grab a pizza. They called the dealer for us in Watersmeet and found out they were open until 5pm. We headed over there and got the screw for the shield. Once everything was back to normal we decided to run down to Land O Lakes on trail 3.

We gassed up in Watersmeet and then cruised down to Gateway Lodge in Land O Lakes. After grabbing a quick dinner we headed back north on trail 3 and hooked up with trail 2 West. By this time, trail 2 had seen a lot of traffic and was pretty beat. We tried to ride the edges to stay out of the chop and it wasn’t too bad. The fun began when we got on trail 1 south. We passed the groomer and the trail was in excellent shape! A word of caution though……..there were a ton of icy corners earlier in the day, so be careful if this trail is not freshly groomed! Once we crossed back in to Wisconsin it was the same story. Pretty thin on snow and very bumpy. Hopefully they will get some more snow in this area so they can get the groomers out!

Distance: 122
Previous: 727
Season Total: 849

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