Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Presque Isle, WI Marinesco, MI Watersmeet, MI Land O Lakes, WI

Today we did the exact same trip as the last trip, except in reverse order. My buddy and his girlfriend are visiting and today was her first day on a snowmobile. We decided to take the easy way out and the more challenging way back to give her some time to adjust to the sled.

Playing around on the lake

(part 1) Trail 6 East from Winchester Wisconsin to Presque Isle Wisconsin

(part 2) Trail 6 East from Winchester Wisconsin to Presque Isle Wisconsin

On our way through Presque Isle, we stopped off at the Outpost Cafe and grabbed some brunch. After brunch we took trail 1 North to trail 2 East.

Trail 1 North Presque Isle, WI to Marinesco, MI

(part 2) Trail 1 North Presque Isle, WI to Marinesco, MI

Trail 2 East Marinesco, MI to Watersmeet, MI

It was pretty cold out today, the high was 4 degrees (without the wind chill). Trail 1 was in excellent shape and trail 2 was in PERFECT shape (not a bump to be found!). About 1/2 way down trail 2, we were all a little cold so we decided to make a stop at Rogers bar to warm up. After a soda and some popcorn we were back on our way to Bents Camp.

Trail 13 South From trail 2 to Rogers Bar

Normally on this trip, 1 tank of gas is plenty, but we decided to stop at the Cisco bar and get a few extra gallons to be on the safe side, especially since it was so cold today. FYI…gas at the Cisco bar is $4.50 per gallon for 93 octane. If you can avoid paying those ridiculous prices and get gas elsewhere, that will help out your wallet! So we made our way across the Cisco chain and rolled into Bents Camp. Tonight was fish fry Friday. The broiled Walleye was excellent (as usual). I’ve eaten here several times and I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad meal here. After dinner and warming up by the fire, we headed South out of Bents Camp to trail 6 West. This trail was once again thin on snow from what appears to be snow plowing for automobile traffic. This trail is pretty hard on your carbides and slides as well. The trail really didn’t improve until we got closer to the Boulder Junction trail system. The further West we went, the deeper the snow got and the smoother the trails were. We did cross paths with the Presque Isle, WI Sno Bunnie groomer. After that, the trail was perfect all the way back home.

I apologize for all of the videos! Somehow the camera got tilted so it looks like I’m riding sideways!

Overall Trail Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Distance: 88
Previous: 454
Season Total: 542

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