Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Presque Isle, WI Marinesco, MI Wakefield, Michigan

We got a late start today and ended up leaving about 11am.

(part 1) Trail 6 East from Winchester Wisconsin to Presque Isle Wisconsin

(part 2) Trail 6 East from Winchester Wisconsin to Presque Isle Wisconsin

After eating breakfast at the Outpost cafe in Presque Isle, WI we headed north on trail 1 towards Marinesco, MI. It started snowing while we were eating and that really helped the trails. Almost every trail has a very good, solid base, but they were all very slick. With this fresh snow on top, it gives them a bit of traction. We made it to Marinesco and gassed up at the mini mart. If you are in town, be sure to stop in and tell them hello! After that we took trail 2 west towards Wakefield.

Trail 2 West

Trail 2 West (part 2)

Trail 2 West (part 3)

Trail to Bingos

We stopped in to Bingos bar and motel and grabbed a pop and a pizza. After our break we headed back on 2 east to 11 south. 11 was in much better shape than a week or two ago. They were actually able to get the groomer through there and it knocked down the bumps.

Today was our second day with the new helmet cam system. The guys at hooked us up with a VIO POV which is an awesome system! So far it’s worked great, except for when it snowed the camera picked up snow and it melted on the lense. After the camera cooled down and I got the ice off of it, it worked great!

Overall Trail Rating: 7 out of 10
Distance: 90
Previous: 279
Season Total: 369

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