Snowmobile Trail Conditions Winchester, WI Marinesco, MI Presque Isle, WI

Well, it looks like today might have been our last ride of this season. The trails really fell apart today and temps got up around 45 degrees. We started off on trail 11 north to Marinesco, MI and then took trail 2 east in to town. 11 was in pretty decent shape mainly due to the shade. Trail 2 was in fair condition and trail 1 out of Marinesco was really starting to go down hill fast. Many parts of the trail were down to 1 lane and there was standing water everywhere. We got to the intersection of trail 1 and trail 100 and decided to turn around and head back.

Slushy snowmobile trail

From that point all the way back through Presque Isle, the trail got worse. We were lucky to make it back when we did!

Check out the trail videos:
Winchester, WI trail 11 North

Snowmobile Trail Video (37 MB)

Marinesco, MI

Snowmobile Trail Video (30 MB)

Trail Rating: 3 out of 10
Distance: 95
Previous: 3,128
Season Total: 3,223

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