Rogers Bar

We decided to go for a short ride up to Rogers bar and back. The people there are wonderful and I’d suggest stopping in if you are in the Watersmeet MI area (home of the world famous Nimrods!).

We took trail 1 north and hooked up with trail 2 (the rail bed). We ran trail 2 down to the turn for Rogers bar and got off there. I was a quick ride and the rail bed was in great shape! There were a few rocks here and there, but that is expected. After we left Rogers we headed back west on trail 2 and hooked up with trail 11 south. We rode this trail a few days ago and were the first sleds on it in quite a while. This time it was a bit different because parts of it had been groomed and a lot of the brush was cleared. Once we got into Wisconsin we hooked up with trail 6 east and headed home.

Distance: 103
Previous: 343
Season Total: 446

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