1999 Yamaha Venture 600 Chicago, Illinois 60803

$1,000.00 Engine: 600 cc, 1,300 miles

Picture of 1999 Yamaha Venture 600
Ad Created On:October 25, 2011
Make/Model:Yamaha Venture
Price:$1,000.00 (OBO)
Options:Electric Start
2 Up Seat
Cover Included
Location:Chicago, Illinois 60803
Contact Name:Jimmy
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  • This snowmobile is in great shape . There is no scratches on the hood no rips in the seat the track is in excellent shape I am the original owner last year I took it out in the engine blew up there was oil and then I'm not sure if the oil pump went out because the oil light didn't indicate there was not getting oil to the motor that's why I think the oil light was not working for what it is it's a great slide you won't find one as clean as this you could get a new motor and pop it in there or you can rebuild this one and buy a new crankcase

Stacy, MN
Stacy, MN
Stacy, MN
Stacy, MN
Stacy, MN
Stacy, MN
West Yellowstone, MT

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